We already know how to connect Advanto to Solitea Byznys in one afternoon, says CTO Advanta Kölbl

We already know how to connect Advanto to Solitea Byznys in one afternoon, says CTO Advanta Kölbl

The Advanto application from a leading payroll provider at any time is integrated with the Payroll and HR system Business from Solitea. For employers who use this system, the introduction of payouts at any time is a matter of several tens of minutes, without additional demands on their IT department.

According to information from Solitea, one of the leading suppliers of enterprise systems, its Byznys product is used by more than 1,200 companies across industries in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.


"For all these employers, we can now introduce a payout at any time with a few clicks," says Jan Kölbl, co-founder and CTO of Advanta. 

One of the first companies to integrate Advanto into its Business by Solitei enterprise system is Gebauer & Griller. "We saw something in the Advanto system that we just had to have in order to regain the upper hand in the region for a while in terms of competitiveness," says David Locker, Head of HR at Gebauer & Griller.

"Advanto is designed to work on a turnkey basis, both in the case of integration and subsequent day-to-day operation. We think of employers and we know that it is desirable for them that Advanto represents only a minimum of demands on their IT, accounting and cash flow," explains Kölbl from Advanta.

"The openness of an ERP system so that various applications can connect to it is a key customer requirement nowadays. And at the same time a necessity if you want to have a competitive system. I am glad that in this case we managed to connect Advanto to Byznys in such a way that the user really only needs a few clicks," says Matěj Štochl, Sales Director of the Business System at Solitea.

"The time is dynamic, so the integration of new systems and functionalities cannot take months or weeks. On the contrary, payout at any time is a necessary benefit for both employers and their employees in today's difficult times. That is why our goal at Advant is to make its implementation quick and easy," adds Kölbl.

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