Record sales, number of clients and users: Advanto celebrates its second birthday

Record sales, number of clients and users: Advanto celebrates its second birthday

Advanto was officially created more than two years ago, exactly on January 20, 2020. From an idea and a prototype, in a relatively short time we managed to become pioneers in an industry that no one knew until recently. What have we done and where would we like to move on to our next birthday?

2021 was a record year for Advanto. In May, we managed another funding from the V-Sharp Alpha fund. In a recent interview with Finmag , his investment manager Matěj Zabadal talked about how Advanto has earned their trust and why they see payout at any time and other related products as a strategic investment.

Thanks to the support from investors, we were able to lean into the development of our application. We created and successfully launched Advanto Go for smaller employers, built an app for both iOS and Android , and switched to the 2.0 version of customer support. In addition to the basic functionalities in the Advanto application for employees, we are developing a section of the Academy, where the well-known website Broken Piglet helps them to educate themselves in financial literacy. In the event of a complex economic situation, they can contact experts on the issue of indebtedness from the Organization People in Need.

What's more, in many ways Advanto is breaking records month after month. There hasn't been a month in which we haven't gained a new client: last year, these included huge international companies such as Lagardère, Delivery Hero, Rohlik and others. The number of employers thus multiplied four times between December 2020 and 2021. Hand in hand with this, the number of Advanto users has also increased month on month: in 2021, it has multiplied seven times in total. As a result, monthly revenue has increased by a factor of 40 over the past year. Basically, revenue is doubling every month!

Such results are the most beautiful gift and a reason to celebrate. But to ensure that Advanto continues to grow healthily in the years to come, we have many challenges and tasks ahead of us. We are already working hard to ensure that the money comes to the workers immediately upon their request. Since Advanto's inception, we have also envisioned expanding our financial services and aids beyond just paying out money at any time. We would like to introduce the first such innovation this year. We also plan to attract new investors with whom we would expand Advanto to Slovakia. And prospectively to other countries.

In short, there is something to celebrate. I recently talked about it for as well. But now we are focused on making sure that in a year's time there will be even more reasons to celebrate.

I would like to thank the Advanta team for their dedication and all those who allow employees to withdraw a part of their paycheck at any time. It makes sense!

Martin Fortelný

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Advanto is a smart app that allows employees to access a portion of their earned wage at any time and, in just a few clicks. It helps companies improve recruitment, reduce turnover and increase employee loyalty.

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