Advanta's visual identity has undergone a redesign by Inveo. The website and advertising materials are also new

Advanta's visual identity has undergone a redesign by Inveo. The website and advertising materials are also new

Advanto has a new visual identity. Its author is the Inveo agency belonging to the V-Sharp investment fund. Our website and advertising materials for offline and online environments were also redesigned. The intention is higher attractiveness, playfulness, but also building trust.

For example, the use of colors has changed on the website and promotional materials. "On the one hand, we wanted to use more expressive colors, but on the other hand, to build trust and be gender neutral," martin Fortelný, founder and CEO of Advanta, outlines the assignment.

"That's why we chose a combination of light pink and navy blue on a white background. Pink evokes playfulness and navy blue credibility, stability and fits with a financial product," says Jaroslav Holý from, adding that trust and security is one of the priorities when creating the visual identity of a financial product. "For this reason, more work is now being done with photos of people," adds Holý.


A fundamental change in the rebrand was also the transformation of the logotype. "Previously, the arrows were pointing down. Now they are heading upwards, upwards, which has a positive tone. In addition, the direction of the arrows also reflects the symbolism of withdrawing part of your money before the payout deadline. The arrows are separate and not whole, they also pinch 247 degrees, which shows that users can choose their payout in parts and at any time," Holý explains. 

Based on the redesign, Advanto also modernized its website. "Compared to the previous version, there are now a lot of improvements in it. In addition to the visual aspect, I see as essential the transition to the intuitive and year after year more popular Webflow platform, which allows you to easily and operatively make changes to the site. This is very important for a startup," says UI/UX designer Lukáš Augusta, who has worked with companies such as Leadspicker and Creative Dock.


In the new coat are also advertising materials for online and offline use, including outdoor advertising. "Physical promotional materials are important to Advanto because making Advanto available to employers is only the first step towards fulfilling our mission. Then it is still necessary to inform the workers themselves about Advant and its benefits, physically at their workplace," fortelný explains. 

The new look of the brand is also evident in the recently released ebook, in which Advanto reports on the impact of payouts at any time on employers' processes and the financial stability of workers.

What is Advanto?

Advanto is a smart app that allows employees to access a portion of their earned wage at any time and, in just a few clicks. It helps companies improve recruitment, reduce turnover and increase employee loyalty.

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About how Advanto protects employee health and what are the benefits for your business.

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