Payout at any time? For companies with the M-PRO system, its introduction is a breeze

Payout at any time? For companies with the M-PRO system, its introduction is a breeze

Companies that use M-PRO's Target 2100 payroll and hr system can now implement Advanto without any hindrance. Startup Advanto, which is a pioneer of payout at any time, has completed and tested the integration of its technology solution in Hopi and Conectart, which use M-PRO systems.

"The introduction of Advanta in companies using M-PRO systems is a piece of cake for us," says Jan Kölbl, co-founder and CTO of Advanta. "When it comes to IT, it's a matter of a few clicks," adds Kölbl, stressing that Advanto will take care of everything.

The Target 2100 personnel and payroll information system from M-PRO is used by hundreds of employers. These are mainly large industrial enterprises. "Recently, we have seen a growing interest in our customers to pay out at any time, so we have taken steps to ensure that our clients can implement Advanto immediately. The Target 2100 system from M-PRO and its components are always developed to help its users, in particular by eliminating manual work and control mechanisms to reduce processing risks. In this spirit, the integration of Target 2100 and Advanto was also prepared," explains Martin Kubát, Managing Director of M-PRO.

Kölbl adds that the simplest possible introduction of a payout at any time is also Advanta's goal. "At Advant, we know that companies have a lot of worries. That is why our goal is to make the introduction and subsequent operation of the paycheck work for the employer on a turnkey basis at any time," explains Kölbl.

This is confirmed by Conectart. Together with Hopi, it is one of the first to connect Advanto with its M-PRO systems. "At Conectart, we strive to provide our employees with benefits that reflect their needs. Advanto seemed to us to be a very interesting benefit that each of us can use in some life situations. The implementation of the system was very simple and thanks to the simplicity of the application, employees have no problems with the use," says Conectart HR Director Markéta Kalousková.

What is Advanto?

Advanto is a smart app that allows employees to access a portion of their earned wage at any time and, in just a few clicks. It helps companies improve recruitment, reduce turnover and increase employee loyalty.

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