Advanto is Earned Wage Access.

Offer employees the ability to withdraw their pay when they need it in a simple app.

The largest benefits provider Earned wage access in Central and Eastern Europe

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What is Advanto?

Advanto allows you to collect your earned wages at any time of the month with just a few clicks on your mobile phone. All an employer needs to do is connect the same app to their payroll and time and attendance systems.

Advanto has been proven to improve the financial stability of our users and provide a valuable advantage to employers in the tight labour market.

Why is earned wage access important?


Employees are unable to pay the sudden expense of EUR 5001.


wages disappear within a week of being paid for current expenses such as rent or grocery shopping2.


Employees rely on financial assistance from their employer.

What do employees get?

An app that allows you to transfer your money based on hours worked, attendance monitoring and financial education.

What do employers get?

An interface through which he can communicate with his employees, get statistics on the use of the service and monitor statistics in real time.

Satisfied employees. Satisfied company.


cheaper recruitment

You'll speed up recruitment because almost twice as many candidates apply.


lower fluctuation

Employees do not leave for higher wages, now they have a salary whenever they need.


more hours worked

Employees know that when they work more, they can take more home on a given day.

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How Advanto protects the financial health of employees and what are the benefits for your company.

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Advanto is Earned Wage Access

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