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The basics about Advant

Advanto allows employees to choose their salary at any time of the month with just a few clicks on their phone. It is enough for the employer to connect the application of the same name to its payroll and attendance systems. Advanto has been proven to improve the financial stability and productivity of its users and provide a valuable advantage to employers in the labour market. Currently, thousands of employees have access to the Advanto service in the Czech Republic. Advanto is already used in Rohlík, DoDo, Lagardère and others.

In 2020, Advanto was founded by Martin Fortelný and Jan Kölbl, and in the same year they received a multi-million dollar investment from the venture capital fund Nation 1. In 2021, Advanto received another investment from the V-Sharp Alpha fund. A more detailed story can be found here.

Martin Fortelný and Jan Kölbl


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