Gain a competitive advantage in the labor market. Give employees the ability to get paid anytime.

App for accessing earned wage at any time.

Advanto is a motivator that brings more productive, happier, and financially healthier employees to your company.

Financial safety net

Anyone of us can find themselves short of money at the end of the month. However, this is not a reason for choosing expensive instalment products.

Quick wage withdrawal

With Advanto, employees can withdraw a part of their earned wage in three easy steps. Without any interest and any impact on the company's cash flow.

Proudly working with great employers

Why is earned wage access important?


faster recruitment

Speed up recruitment because almost twice as many candidates apply.


lower fluctuation

Employees don't leave for a better salary because they now have access to their wages anytime.


higher productivity

Employees know that when they work more hours they can withdraw more money on any given day.

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How Advanto protects the health of employees and benefits your company.

Calculate how much you can save with Advanto

Number of employees
Employee's gross monthly salary
Total cost per employee 70 312 CZK
Annual turnover rate in your company
450 employees/year
Advanto will reduce the annual fluctuation by
Implementation of the services reduces fluctuation by 10% to 30%
Annual fluctuation rate after the implementation of Advanto
1026 employees/year
Fluctuation savings
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Number of people "retained" in the company
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Employee productivity
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Increase productive hours by
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Total annual savings
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Experience with Advanto

"Giving people the ability to make decisions about the choice of part of their finances has given us a huge competitive advantage in recruiting people and keeping them happy with us. We first made Advanto available to temps. It has generated a lot of interest among them and has become one of their most used benefits. After this positive experience, we extended the earned wage access to all employees."
Jana Vričanová
HR Manager, Notino s.r.o.
"In my 7 years of experience in the company, I have never encountered an IT project deployed as quickly as Advanto. After my experience with other projects, I assumed that from the first meeting to the project's launch would take at least 1 year, but the speed with which the project was brought to life surprised me very pleasantly... We were concerned about the economic impact of the COVID-19 crisis on the family finances of our staff. So we decided to partner with Advanto to provide our employees with a financial safety net in case they encountered unexpected expenses, and possibly protect them from some of the unfavourable quick loans they were being provided."
Simona Mohacsi
Simona Mohacsi
CEO, Dopravní podnik města Ústí nad Labem a.s.
"We wanted to offer our employees a new type of benefit that will help them especially when dealing with unexpected financial situations. Quick and easy access to their own earnings can be crucial to maintaining financial stability. We believe that privacy also plays an important role, as the application provides privacy and the entire process is online and doesn’t require complicated administration. Based on the positive feedback from our employees, we have decided to extend the service to all our workers. We believe that Advanto will also be beneficial and popular with our temporary workers."
Eva Kyselová
Eva Kyselová
HR Director of Lagardère Travel Retail a.s.

How does it work?

What can Advanto do?

Wage withdrawal

  • With the Advanto app, employees can withdraw their earned money at any time.

  • Employees can withdraw a part of their earned wage in real time, avoiding predatory installment products and unnecessary debt.

Attendance monitoring

  • In Advanto, employees can track their attendance in real-time.

  • With the app, employees have an overview of their hours worked, even retrospectively.


  • At the Academy, employees are financially educated through quizzes and articles in the field of personal finance management.

  • Employees play for virtual crowns, which they can then exchange for rewards.

  • All educational content is developed with personal finance experts.


  • Communicate with your employees by sending messages through the app.

  • Manage messages and attach attachments.

  • Inform about free shifts and get response statistics.

Coming soon


  • With Advanto, employees will be able to set aside part of their salary every month to save for the future or for unexpected expenses.

Debt advisory chatbot

  • The chatbot functions as an advisor for financial decisions.

  • The debt counseling chatbot will advise on execution, debt relief, loan processing and many other situations.

Employer interface

  • With Advanto, you have access to your interface, where you can find information about the use of the service by employees.

How does Advanto work?

Advanto's advanced technology securely integrates into companies' payroll and attendance systems. Once integrated, Advanto calculates how much money each employee can withdraw.

As soon as an employee requests a withdrawal of their worked money through an app on their phone or on the website, Advanto sends it to their bank account.

The security of your data is our priority

Data encryption

We use 256-bit encryption to keep your data safe.

Privacy & GDPR

We meet all the requirements of personal data protection according to GDPR.

Security audit

We subject our application to regular third-party penetration tests.

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