What about declining employee productivity? Advanto is the main partner of the Golden Cage conference

What about declining employee productivity? Advanto is the main partner of the Golden Cage conference

Gerhard Knop, one of the most inspiring figures in the field of leadership and HUMAN resources, dedicated 2022 to the phenomenon of the "golden cage" in the workplace. It is a situation where, in connection with a long-term shortage of manpower, companies do the first and last to find employees and retain them. But it happens that the more they pamper their people, the worse their productivity becomes. They co-create that golden cage.

Of course, this does not mean at all that the solution is not to worry about the satisfaction of workers and not to look for a competitive advantage when recruiting new ones. On the contrary, it is extremely important nowadays. But it is equally important to do it right - in a way that does not lead to the creation of a golden cage, or to know how to leave the golden cage.

And just how not to repeat the mistakes that lead to the golden cage will be the topic of Gerhard Knop's Leadership Synergy Community conference in June and invited experienced speakers, such as Matěj Kučera from the National Institute of Mental Health, who examines the influence of the psyche on economics and efficiency, or strategist and coach Radek Šefčík.

The program and list of guests of the conference, which will take place on June 1 in Prague's Holešovice, can be found here. The number of places is limited, so register in time.

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