Advanto makes payouts available anytime even to partners in the gig economy

Advanto brings flexibility to the remuneration of partners in the gig economy.

Attract partners and offer them Advanto as a voluntary benefit.

Recently, there have been more opportunities to earn extra money between paychecks or to work on yourself and be your master and organizer of the work schedule.

In both cases, these partners are looking for flexibility and the prospect of immediate rewards. In the gig economy, in particular, those who can pay out immediately for work done have an undeniable advantage among partners.

The moment contractor partners see in the app that with each extra hour or task, they can also get paid more money immediately, they are motivated to work harder.
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  • Give your partners what they want from gig economies

    Advanto allows your partners, including contractors, to transfer their remuneration at any time. After interconnection with the company's information systems, it has a real-time overview of who has worked how much and how much money they are therefore entitled to. Partners can see how much work they have worked in the app at any time and can send a part of their worked remuneration to their account at any time. It is about flexibility, which belongs to the gig economy.

  • Happier and more loyal partners

    Not only do contractors require it, but they often need the money worked without delay. Earned wage access has been proven to lead to better financial stability, better control over personal finances, and most importantly, is a much more effective and secure means of avoiding debt.

  • Higher productivity

    Partners who use Advanto are demonstrably more productive, with companies reporting up to 31% more hours worked, mainly due to the fact that they avoid the stress or financial difficulties associated with waiting for a reward. Motivation for work is also a clear application that shows in real time how much a person has already worked and how much money he is therefore entitled to.

  • Easier recruitment

    Engage your partners and offer Advanto as a voluntary benefit. At the time where we can control everything around us with a few clicks, the money we've already worked for should be available with the same flexibility. No interest, no approvals and no paperwork.

Gig Economy
"Our couriers do a great job every day and we like to look for other ways to repay their diligence. It seems only fair to us that they have access to their worked money immediately, whenever they need to."
Viera Slota Gecková
Viera Slota Gecková
CFO, DoDo Czech s.r.o.
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