Advant cares about improving financial literacy. In the application are the advice of the well-known site Broken Piggy Bank

Advant cares about improving financial literacy. In the application are the advice of the well-known site Broken Piggy Bank

An inseparable part of the Advanto application is also the Academy section, whose long-term goal is to help, advise and educate users financially. After the chatbot of people in Need's debt counseling center, advisory articles from the well-known website Broken Piglet have been added to the Academy and will continue to grow.

Behind the Broken Piglet website is Jakub Dvořák. In the Academy of the Advanto Piglet Jakub application, in short articles, guides users through several useful topics and gives them tips and advice that will help with better management of their finances.

The purpose of Advanta is much more than to provide a means to avoid debt in the event of unexpected financial distress. A more frequent payout demonstrably helps to better understand your income and expenses. However, Advant also cares that employees ideally do not get into financial instability at all. They can be helped by Piglet Jakub, who has prepared articles for Advanta users in the Tailored Academy section with tips and advice on how to better manage their finances.

Jakub Dvořák founded Broken Piglet in 2019 and soon became one of the most famous websites dealing with financial literacy and personal finance consulting. Dvořák started working with Advant in June 2021. Like us, Jakub thinks that "there are plenty of pitfalls to lose money" and that the basic prevention is to have good information and knowledge about where these pitfalls lurk and how to avoid them.

Advanto plans to continue to develop its Academy and provide users with a functional, advisory and educational tool to which they will also be able to turn with their potential problems. For this reason, for example, this year, the Advanta Academy added a Chatbot of people in Need's debt counseling center, which can advise on a more complex financial situation. Soon, a new set of quizzes to improve your financial literacy will appear at the Academy.

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