Elanor integrated its payroll and attendance systems with Advanto. Hundreds of Czech companies can immediately introduce Earned Wage Access

Elanor integrated its payroll and attendance systems with Advanto. Hundreds of Czech companies can immediately introduce Earned Wage Access

A pioneer in payday at any time, startup Advanto has completed an integration with the leader in the field of payroll systems and services, Elanor. This is Elanor's only official collaboration with a payout provider at any time, which aims to bring clients a click-to-click solution. Elanor's systems are used by over 700 entities throughout the CEE region.

"Recent years have highlighted the need for new benefits, especially those that touch on the most important thing, which is wages and financial stability," explains Radek Taptič, Sales Manager at Elanor.

"Payout at any time will help the employer with the recruitment, motivation and satisfaction of its employees, which is a key aspect for the stable operation of companies. For this reason, we have entered into a partnership with Advant so that we can offer employers who use our systems a convenient introduction of payouts at any time," adds Petr Vodička, Sales and Delivery Coordinator Elanor.

"Advanto can introduce a turnkey payout at any time, but it is desirable for all parties that the whole process is as easy as possible and, above all, fast. Elanor's outsourcing and, in the future, software clients can now launch Advanto de facto immediately," says Jan Kölbl, co-founder and CTO of Advanta. "The integration is secure, fast and without the need for IT or accountants," adds Kölbl, adding that Advanto can connect with other widely used enterprise systems with similar ease.

How does it work?

Advanto allows workers to choose their own wage at any time according to the hours actually worked, from each first day of the month to the payday. The actual sending of the wage and its crediting to the bank account occurs almost immediately.

"Early salary collection is then financed by Advant and does not interfere with established pay dates. For companies using Elanor, this process does not in any way disrupt cash flow or the payout process and does not represent administrative costs associated with the payment of advances. If employees wish to withdraw money worked before the pay deadline, they handle everything in the Advanto application," adds Kölbl.

Satisfied employees work harder

According to a survey conducted for Advanto by EMA, 67% of people consider the possibility of choosing a salary several times a month to be a completely normal and better solution than a loan. 57% would like to do everything from their mobile or computer.

Advanto began introducing payouts at any time among domestic companies more than two years ago. During that time, it has learned from its data and employer experience that payout at any time not only improves the financial stability of employees, but also reduces their turnover by 30% and increases their productivity by 22%.

What is Advanto?

Advanto is a smart app that allows employees to access a portion of their earned wage at any time and, in just a few clicks. It helps companies improve recruitment, reduce turnover and increase employee loyalty.

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